One of my biggest pleasures in life is the joy I get from helping people sing better and find their inner voice.   For some people this works best in a group setting for others in the safety of private tuition. Please click on the buttons below to find out more.

"As my singing teacher, Parissa is an amazing presence in my life. I've just had my 12th lesson and after just a few months I feel like I have had a wealth of beautiful musical knowledge shared with me. Parissa has great technical knowledge, and imparts it with skill. And there is a joyousness about her that is infectious. I love that I have a treasure trove of recordings of the lesson that Parissa gives me every week....... that our lessons are recorded exercise by exercise..... and that I can wind back and practice them on my daily walks and long country drives. It enables me to solidify (and relearn) what I have learnt during the lesson. I know that I will refer to these for years to come"” - Manny Jackson