From the recording The Full Force of the Wind

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The Full Force of the Wind Album
Co Produced by Parissa Bouas and Michiel Hollanders
Parissa Bouas – voice
Peter Haddock - guitar
Michiel Hollanders- saw, baritone guitar, bowed velofoon, laouto, steelstring guitar
Marc Constandse – bandoneon
Dan Tuffy – contrabass
Carl Cleves, Waz Porter, Michiel Hollanders - BV’s


What’s life About
For Jill and Will

You wear black on your head now and black on your shoes
Black casts its shadow upon your sweet muse
But you better not struggle in case you will lose
What you have left of your intention

You say this sorrow’s the meanest pain that you’ve known
It’s so hard to accept that we all have to go
‘cos being without you and living alone’s not so easy in the beginning

In the night all the windows are foggy and misted
And you find that your mind is all bitter and twisted
With your black shoes shining, polished and spitted
You start dancing without any music

And the tune is a hymn from a time in your childhood
And you’re legs feel like lead they get stuck in the carpet
And it’s then that you realise you’re not gonna make it
The fire’s gone out in the fireplace

Oh, What’s a life about? What’s all this living?
A bell simply tolls and you’re dead buried and withering
Oh what’s life about, what’s life about?