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“Parissa … immediately engages by being blessed with a voice that has timbral overlaps with Billie Holiday’s. More significantly she shines the charm of that voice on some exceptional self-penned songs”  



“I cannot stop listening to this doll-faced singing angels album. She is shut-the-front-door DYNAMITE! Like a blend of Carmen Miranda, Billy Holiday and Madeleine Peroux but completely herself at the same time. I adore her stage presence, songwriting, vocal timbre and phrasing. I urge you to check her out online or live. (Believe it or not but she is Byron Bay based!!!) If you don't already know this starlet please allow me to introduce to you Parissa Bouas! ♥ #howhaveinotheardofherbefore”    



Winner of the NCEIA Award for:

Song of the Year 2012

Best Jazz Song 2012 

Best Jazz Song 2013

Best World Music 2013


Welcome to my website. 

Here we are in the  new decade 2020!!   2019 was a  busy time for me with the Tasmanian Hottentots tour , a few solo shows and my new band the 'World Citizens' launch in August, shows at Festivals as part of the 'Palm Wine Ambassadors', as well as my new singing tuition role at St John's College Woodlawn and Xavier Catholic College, visit TUITION page. 

The ‘World Citizens’, is a top notch list of who’s who musicians, a super mix of young guns and legends features: Greg Lyon (Crossfire), James Ross (Andrea Soler), James Patugalan (Utugun Percussion), Carl Cleves (Hottentots), Ollie McGill (Cat Empire) and Jazz pianist Sean Mackenzie.   I'm finally, bringing together all the strings on my bow...Singing songs from my Hottentots, Diaspora Latina and Bella Fontes days, as well as new songs and groovy tunes from around the world, that I just really love, with musicians that I love!!!   Expect an irresistible unique mix of jazzy + pop + world music… moving from deliciously, sensuous slow tunes in the first set to put on your dancing shoes in the 2nd!!!  There will more shows this coming year, stay tuned! 

As well as being a solo artist, I write, record and perform with Carl Cleves in Australia's ultimate Coffeehouse couple, THE HOTTENTOTS,  as well as offering private singing tuition.  

I've also been connecting with my wonderful Sydney crew of excellent musicians and friends, including Blair Greenberg (percussion, handpan, guitar),  Paul Chenard (sax) and Konrad Ball (bass)...expect some new recording project soon!!!  :-) 

Another exciting project is in the wings with Kacey Patrick (Stringmansassy) & Janet Swain (The Loveys) 

For more info about all these projects, please visit  PROJECTS page. 

I'd like to thank Andrew Worboys for the delicious video clip he made for 'Nothings Gonna Last'.  You can buy this song and the CD on this website, CD baby or on Apple Music. Listen here or on Spotify. 

Thanks Michiel Hollanders from Smoked Recordings for all the hard work he put into 'The Full Force of the Wind' CD.  This is a feather in his cap too!!  Also, my heartfelt thanks to all the musicians who played and sang on this recoding. You're the best!