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Parissa Bouas


Multi award winning chanteuse Parissa Bouas is 'shut-the-front-door DYNAMITE!!'  A free spirited troubadour with a voice that offers a deep level of emotional fluency.  Parissa is a singer's singer, with a well founded reputation for excellence, soulful generosity, warmth and originality.  Her influences range from Billy holiday, Joni Mitchell & Astrud Gilberto to Amy winehouse, Erykah Badu & Manu Chao.

Parissa's latest album won her critical acclaim in australia and overseas and she has received numerous awards including 'Best Song', 'Best Jazz' & 'Best World' categories at The North Coast Music Industry Awards.  Her earlier 6 albums with The Hottentots, won 'Best Album' (twice), 'Best World' & 'Best Folk'.

Parissa received international acclaim for her captivating shows at festivals and concerts throughout Europe and has performed at the renowned Woodford Folk Festival, Port Fairy Festival, National Folk Festival, Mullum Music Festival, Splendour, Island Vibes Festival, Darling Harbour, Sydney Entertainment Centre, the Basement, Lizotte's, Brisbane Town Hall and Powerhouse.

Parissa plays guitar and percussion.  Together with her guitarist as a duo, or as a band, you can expect an irresistible, unique mix of jazzy + world + pop + neo soul + roots influences... moving from deliciously, sensuous slow tunes in the first set, to put on your dancing shoes in the 2nd.


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“I cannot stop listening to this doll-faced singing angels album. She is shut-the-front-door DYNAMITE! Like a blend of Carmen Miranda, Billy Holiday and Madeleine Peroux but completely herself at the same time. I adore her stage presence, songwriting, vocal timbre and phrasing. I urge you to check her out online or live...If you don't already know this starlet please allow me to introduce to you Parissa Bouas!”” - ABBIE CHIQUITA CARDWELL

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“Parissa has a voice that would aggravate angels with it’s beauty” 


“she immediately engages by being blessed with a voice that has timbral overlaps with Billie Holiday’s. More significantly she shines the charm off that voice on some exceptional self-penned songs.” 

JOHN SHAND, Sydney Morning Herald

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