I'll be singing with The Hottentots & Palm Wine Ambassadors & Shivam Rath

We are very happy to announce a community gathering at Kohinur Hall to help support our good friend and wonderful musician Shivam Rath, who lost absolutely all his life possessions in a house fire recently. Ticket prices are tiered so that you can purchase according to your financial means - with all funds going to support Shivam and Family. big thanks to Kohinur Hall, and everyone who has put their hand up to be a part of this, it promises to be a really very beautiful day.

1 - 3pm Welcome ~*~ Sound Healing, Yoga & Ambient Music With Kathyrin Riding & Mico Sundari Mantra Chanting + Voice Warm Ups

3:00 ~ 5pm AtmaSpherics ~ Indian Fusion Band 1hour 15min & Special Guest Indian Vocalist Menaka Thomas ~ 30min

5pm ~ 6:30pm ~ 1hour Ma Love ~ Reggae Kirtan + Cass Eager 30 min

DJ set DiscoBolous ~ Electric World Funk 6:30 - 7:30pm

7:30 - 8:00pm The Hottentots 30 mins

8:00 - 10pm ~ African Fusion Palm Wine Ambassadors + Sibbo 30 mins

10 - 12pm ~ Indian Fusion Shivam, Mico, Armando, Benji,, Rodney + Shen Flindell Tabla + Reappearing Guests