World Citizens

I am thrilled to announce the launch of my new band, the World Citizens’, a top notch list of who’s who musicians, a super mix of young guns and legends: Greg Lyon (Crossfire), James Ross (Andrea Soler), James Pattugalan (Utugun Percussion), Carl Cleves (Hottentots)!!!  There'll be some gigs in Bellingen area also featuring Ollie McGill (Cat Empire) and Mullum with special guests. 


I'm finally, bringing together all the strings on my bow...Singing songs from my Hottentots, Diaspora Latina and Bella Fontes days as well as new songs and groovy tunes from around the world, that I just really love, with musicians that I love!!!   Expect an irresistible unique mix of jazzy + pop + world music… moving from deliciously, sensuous slow tunes in the first set to put on your dancing shoes in the 2nd!!!   For gig info visit the 'CALENDAR' page.




The Full Force of the Wind

Parissa Bouas: The Full Force of the Wind


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