Meninas Da Lua


"We believe culture comes to gather people together. To make us grow as a society and to make us stronger through social transformation. So our group is related to that. It’s not only music; it’s music for a bigger purpose."



Meninas da Lua is the place where the feminine mystery of the moon meets the power and energy of mother earth. This is a flare of flaming colour on the breath of women’s voices raised up in song, leaping along the transcendent rhythms of Afro-Brazilian percussion.


Audiences are swept up in the vibrant, high-spirited celebration of movement and song by this 10-piece feminine percussion, vocal and dance collective that pays homage to the deep roots of Afro-Brazilian culture and transcends cultural and geographical borders.


With their roots in Byron Bay, Meninas da Lua (Moon Girls) pay homage to the traditional African-infused rhythms of the music from the north-east of Brazil like the Coco, Maracatu, Afoxe and Samba Reggae.


Featuring  the powerful, deep  voice of Priscilla Rios,  Meninas da Lua bring the meaning and strength of this rich culture, as a social transformer for respect, unity, love and generosity. 


A hit at Island Vibe Festival 2016, BEMAC 2016, Festa Junina Marketta 2016 and Miami Carnaval 2017.


"If you want your heart to beat with more joy, then look out for this band"

0423 067 450 ~ 0421 330 766


Video Meninas da Lua  - BEMAC 2016



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The Full Force of the Wind

Parissa Bouas: The Full Force of the Wind



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